• California’s Anderson Valley is a hidden paradise

    It’s one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. The highway sign as you enter the town says it all. Philo, elevation 331, population 349. You know you’re almost off the grid when the elevation is nearly as relevant as the number of […]

  • Splendid elegance in the Anderson Valley wine country.

    Proprietor Jim Roberts has created a bit of heaven in the midst of Mendocino wine country. Located in the heart of the Anderson Valley, between Boonville and Philo, The Madrones is the current incarnation of Jim’s passion for interior design, […]

  • The Madrones by Hairy Putter

    By now most of you who read my blog regularly know how pet friendly the wineries of Mendocino County are and what unique experiences each one provides its four legged visitors along with their uprights. So imagine the thrill when […]

  • Insider Guides: The Madrones

    Pull into the Madrones, a Mediterranean-looking complex in Philo, to sip at four tasting rooms (tasting fee $5 each). Just admiring the architecture of the complex, a 20-year labor of love for the owner, could take hours. Throw in a […]

  • 10 Great Cooking Classes Around the World

    The workshops at the Madrones pay homage to tried-and-true locals who’ve been at it for a while, like Fran Gage and her Old Chatham Ranch olive oil. Workshops include a cooking class, lunch, a takeout meal, and a field experience. […]

  • 5 Things to Do in Wine Country This Month

    If you decide to stay in Anderson Valley, The Madrones just added two additional luxury guest quarters to their Mediterranean-style retreat which also features local vintner tasting rooms and periodic workshops in handcrafted foods. 9000 Highway 128, Philo. Read the […]

  • Discovering The Madrones in Mendocino County

    “Blink and you might miss it.” I think those words may have just been coined for The Madrones, located in Mendocino County between Boonville and Philo. Just on my last trip to Mendocino County, I had driven right by it […]

  • World’s Most Scenic Walks

    Towering redwood forests lead to foggy seaside cliffs on this magical series of interconnected hikes. The experience starts among stately redwoods in the 80-acre Hendy Woods State Park, in the town of Philo (also known for its vineyards and apple […]