Drew remains committed to Pinot Noir and Syrah from California’s northern far coastal edge, which includes Mendocino Ridge, Anderson Valley and the Yorkville Highlands. Jason also makes a very small amount of Albariño from their coastal region.

Case production remains small, which allows Jason to concentrate on all aspects of the process, from vineyard farming to all vinification decisions in the winery. Decisions made in the vineyard become fluid into the winery, allowing for a pure expression of place in the resulting wines.

This concept of wines being able to express their place is vital to understanding Drew wines. Drew is not trying to make wines in another image, but rather are creating their own from Mendocino’s far coast.

They pour current release selections while supplies last.  In addition, their library wall offers special bottles to reward  fans devoted enough to make the trek up to this beautiful part of Northern California.

Thursday- Monday
11am – 5pm

www.drewwines.com / 707-895-9599


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